The Modern Printing Technologies

The world is evolving and the technologies are also changing with the dawn of each day. It is a good thing to keep in step with the world so as not to be left behind by the changing times. The world has not been left behind as the older print methods are being dropped to embrace the more modern ones that give the highest of quality. The methods in application today give some reproductions that almost look like originals.

The world today prints approximately 45 trillion annual pages. There are a lot of companies that are mushrooming all over the world so as to meet the rising need of services of the world at large. It has also led to the mass creation of jobs in the print industry that has played a great role in improving living standards.

There are many printing methods in application today. One of such methods is the offset printing. The method basically involves the use of inked images. They are then transferred to a rubber blanket by use of a plate and then transferred to the printing surface. Lithographic process can be combined with offset printing. Lithographic process usually involves oil and water repulsion. The offset method uses a flat image carrier where the image that needs to be printed gets ink from some rollers while the patches that do not require print are able to attract a water film. The method is applied in p of newspapers and books.

Packaging, newspapers and labels also use a method called flexology. Some other technologies include: dye transfer, inkjet usually for small prints, laser used for bank documents and bills, pad printing, relief print used to make catalogues, rotogravure for packaging and magazines as well as screen printing applied in floor tiles as well as t-shirts.

An example of an intaglio technique of printing is gravure printing. The image that has to be in this case is usually made up of depressions of a small size on the plate used for printing. Cells are ink filled while scraping off the excess from the surface. A doctor blade is used in his case. The roller used is usually made of rubber. It is used for paper pressing purposes so as to get the paper and the cell ink into contact. Plates used for the printing process are copper made by laser etching or digital engraving.

The output is of high quality and may be used for magazine printing, packaging, wallpapers, fabric, postage stamps as well as catalogues.