Non-Profit Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Branding Can’t Wait

If asked to rank their current and future needs, many managers of non-profit organizations would likely place branding at the bottom of the list. If asked why, some might reply: “I can’t afford to undertake a major branding effort right now.” That’s the wrong answer. In today’s competitive funding environment branding, or communicating the character or purpose of an organization, is more important than ever.

Developing or revamping a non-profit’s brand can have many benefits. Some of the most significant include increased donations and membership. Given this, can any non-profit afford not to do it? Following are five reasons why branding just can’t wait.

Reason #1: Branding Instills Discipline

Any branding effort should begin with a careful analysis of whether an organization’s mission is truly aligned with its activities. Is the organization delivering on its promises? If it isn’t, it has a big problem. Non-profits that have strong brands do what they say and say what they do. A branding effort can help a wayward organization correct its course.

Reason #2: Effective Branding Improves Clarity

Potential funders and members are more willing to donate time and money to organizations they understand and support. A non-profit with a strong brand will have an easier time communicating its mission and value.

Reason #3: Branding Increases Quality

Organizations with weak brands often deliver poor service. Those that provide high quality products and services have strong brands and intense customer loyalty. Undergoing a branding effort can force a non-profit to carefully evaluate the quality of its offerings and improve where necessary.

Reason #4: Branding Can Motivate Staff and Volunteers

Staff and volunteers that identify with and support an organization’s mission are more motivated and engaged. Organizations with strong brands are in a better position to inspire and activate these important human resources.

Reason #5: Branding Benefits A Non-Profit’s Constituents

A non-profit’s constituents can only benefit from an organization that has a clear mission, high-quality service and motivated staff or volunteers. This is the number-one reason organizations should consider undertaking a branding effort.

Clearly branding is critically important. Non-profits can’t afford to neglect this important activity if they want to ensure they are operating and communicating as efficiently and clearly as possible.

(c) Fard Johnmar