Printed Customized Labels In Montreal Canada; What You Need to Know And What You Should Ask For

Look around today, labels are everywhere. With tighter regulatory rules, better labeling is becoming compulsory. Labels should provide the end user with useful information to them. A great label can also make your company or product stand out. Walk down any isle in a grocery store or pharmacy, and you can see many brands for every product. How does the consumer choose? One way is the packaging. A sharp, professionally designed label can increase the chances that your product will be the one selected. Study after study shows that the packaging can increase the likelihood of selection from 20 to 65% among undecided shoppers.

Do your labels save you time, effort, and money? Do they make your company look good and help you sell more? Do they adhere well, look beautiful, and last as long you need them? Or do they just stick? Discover everything your labels can do for you. You invest a lot in your labels–shouldn’t they do a lot for you?

Nearly every industry uses labels. They perform a broad range of functions, including identification, merchandising, marketing and transferring information. But not all labels are the same, nor will just any label meet your company’s unique needs. Find a label supplier with expert knowledge of label materials, adhesives, protective coatings, printers and more. By understanding your needs and wants, this will lead to a more successful label. Use employees who are specially trained in label design, including the finer elements of selecting the right face stock and adhesive for your stickiest label applications.

If you buy labels, you should know that many factors affect the success of these products. Next time you order labels, be prepared to answer questions about the surface the label will be adhered to (wood, glass, painted), the texture of the surface (rough, cylindrical, flat), the expected usage period (days, months, years), the temperature at application and the method of imprinting (ink jet, ion deposition, laser printer, handwritten). In addition, talk to others in your company to determine if the label will be exposed to any harsh conditions, such as direct sunlight or abrasives.

Why should I buy custom labels?

Stock labels may be adequate for internal usage, such as inventory tracking, but you’ll probably want to order a custom label for any applications that your customers will see. Consider a label, such as a shipping label, an extension of your company’s image and an important advertising vehicle. Incorporate your logo, corporate colors and your company’s Internet address. Labels in custom sizes or with custom die cuts will make vital information stand out. Ask for design ideas (such as custom perfs or bar codes) that will help your operation run more efficiently.

Distinguish Your Company with Unique Labels. If your company is using plain shipping labels, warning and instruction labels, information labels, and price labels, you’re missing out on viable marketing opportunities. Shouldn’t your company have more of a presence than just a name on a UPS label? The use of 4-color product labels, shipping labels and more, featuring your company’s name, logo, slogan and contact information. Personalized labels will improve your company’s image and reach. Once you put thought into the whole process of designing and usage of your labels, the returns spent on this label will certainly outweigh any of the costs. It’s not what you put in that’s important but rather what you get out.

Good luck with your next label!