Selecting the Perfect Corporate Accommodation – Look Into Serviced Apartments

When it comes to corporate accommodation, serviced apartments are leading the way. They put much of the accommodation offered by city centre hotels to shame and offer everything that the business traveller needs to make their stay away from family and home as enjoyable and comfortable as it can be. Unlike hotel accommodation these fully furnished apartments do not come in a one size fits all package. You have the option of selecting accommodation with one or more bedrooms so that you can accommodate a group of representatives together. This not only offers a more cost effective solution than individual hotel rooms, but it also ensures that people don’t feel isolated or alone when they are away from home.

A large proportion of these serviced apartments are located close to or within city centres, which means that they are close to all local amenities such as rail links, business parks and entertainment venues. This gives the person who has had to travel away from home not only the comfort and space that they require, but also gives them access to everything that they could need rather than being stuck in a hotel on the edge of town.

Fully Equipped For Comfort

All serviced apartments are fully furnished to a high standard and come complete with a fully equipped kitchen which will cut back on the expense of having to eat out in restaurants every evening. The living areas are light and spacious and come complete with televisions and DVD players. The bedrooms are comfortable and styled to be more like home than presenting a uniform corporate image that you get in many hotels. These apartments have warmth and personality something that even the best hotel will find difficult to provide.

Stylish and Modern

Everything about serviced apartments is designed to make you feel at home. Access to Wi-Fi is included in the rental price of the apartments and offers unlimited use; perfect for working after hours. Sky television comes as standard in most apartments, including the sports channel and most will find that the master bedroom too is equipped with a flat screen TV, Freeview and DVD player. All linens and towels are included and all utility costs are taken care of no matter whether you are there for a quick visit or a long term stay.

Where possible secure parking is provided and security is provided by CCTV and/or a concierge service. It may be a home from home environment but you can forget about the housework as the weekly house maid service takes care of it all for you. There is no chance of losing anything in a hotel laundry ever again as the apartments are equipped with washer/dryers and a real iron and ironing board as opposed to the ubiquitous trouser press enabling you to wash from the comfort of your accommodation.