Motivating Employees in the Workplace

Do you have employees who act less than desirably with customers? Is there someone who is anything but a team player? Have you noticed a pattern in someone being late or calling in sick? These few recognizable symptoms may be of employees who work in an environment that may not be motivating to them.

There are four key factors of employee motivation: leadership style, rewards and recognitions, organizational climate and the nature of work.

Consider also decades of research which identifies three main human needs of security, meaningful work and supportive relationships.

Look at the stain glass combination of motivation factors and human needs to find what holds the key to whatever solutions you put in place.

Your leadership style

The most direct path and quickest cure to the motivation dilemma is in your leadership style and how it affects all the human elements.

Rewards and Recognitions

The next straight and fastest way to motivate the T in attitude more than (or as much as) the P in aptitude, is with the effectiveness of rewards and recognitions.

Organizational climate

“The way things are around here …” takes time to change. Some consultants use assessments around a set of properties that influence employee’s behavior.

Nature of Work

Defining work is as challenging as trying to change oil in a speeding car. Among some factors it includes are resources, customers, knowledge, technology and even family structure.

Your leadership style, and rewards and recognitions as a system, are the two most controllable and changeable factors you can effect to create a motivating environment for employees whether you want happier customers or a more productive team.