Kids Are Customers Too!

I was reminded the other day when talking to a friend to the importance of good old customer service, not to over look, or prejudge any situation.

Today’s children are not customers of the future but quite possibly your A or B class customers of today. When they have money in their pockets they spend it freely without much thought. They know what they want and as most parents will agree they just don’t stop nagging till they get their own way. I guess they learn at a young age now that persistence will always beat resistance. Also part time jobs pay well and many will opt to have money as a gift at birthdays or Christmas. This brings be to a friends story I heard recently.

His son having accumulated near on $800 in Xmas money decided he was going to spend it wisely on an MP3 media player locally. This lad in his early teens with money in hand proceeded down town with the excitement and anticipation of spending his fortune. Upon entering the store he when straight to the service counter as with so many customers today he had done all the research as to brand and model he wanted. After being ignored for the best part of 10mins he left both anger and very upset.

The worst thing was due to the poor customer service of this business all the other local retailers selling similar a product were starved of this sale with now him purchasing out of town.

Although we can’t turn back the clock, we can learn from any situation and its important we do. Mistakes are costly and our customers often don’t give us a second chance to get back on track. In this example

oDon’t prejudge any situation

oYour actions of today will have long lasting consequences either good or bad

oOur customers are transient and will easily spend out of town – lets not give them an invitation to do so

oChildren are customers of today – treat them like a VIP have them as raving advocate – and they will be good source of referral business.

oAlways be looking to exceed your clients expectations

Business today is a never ending quest for improvement. So ask yourself this simple question what have I done this month to make my business a success story?