Client Onboarding Process Checklist

You finally landed that client that you have been talking to for months. You know deep in your heart that you can help this person. The only thing stopping the client was the price of your program. The client is convinced that you are the person that can help them also and they agree to go ahead and click that pay now button on your website. They are so excited. Then what happens next will either make you or break you. Do you have a client onboarding process checklist?

So what exactly does onboarding mean and why should you have a customer onboarding process? It is a process of getting started and completing all of your project kick-off tasks. You are getting your client up to speed so you both can have a clear understanding of what to expect from each other so you can work together effectively and collecting all of the information you need so you both can have a wonderful and effective working relationship. Therefore you are onboarding clients.

EVERYBODY wants to feel special and cherished. You are making a first impression on your client if you know it or not by how soon you get in contact with them within the first week of them paying you. If you don’t make any contact with your client they will start to feel as if did they make the right choice by signing up with you. They might even want you to refund their money. As I said your reputation is on the line and you don’t want this person to request their money back or even worse start talking to other people about how they had a bad experience with you and then ruin your reputation that you have worked so hard to build. You need a client onboarding plan.

Your client has no idea what you might be going through on the backend of your business. If you are too stressed out trying to keep your head above water with your administrative tasks and have not had time to put together a client customer onboarding process then you should consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you with your administrative tasks and to help you put together a client onboarding system. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a client onboarding process checklist in place.

  • This is the most important reason of all. To welcome them into your business and let them know how grateful and thankful you are to have them and to show how much you are grateful for them trusting in you to help them.
  • To give them an idea what to expect from you and when. A client orientation.
  • To add value to your program and services before you get started
  • Setting your clear expectations
  • To make sure that the client has all of the information that they need and you have all of the information that you need.