4 Essential Tips for Creating a Powerful Visual Brand

Marketing concept: Painted black text PR on Digital Paper background with Hand Drawn Marketing Icons, 3d render

In today’s fast-paced markets, no one has the time or patience to read long chunks of text. Even if they manage to do so, they would remember only 20% of such content. Considering such circumstances, visual content is the way to go. With more and more customers wanting to access information quickly and effectively, companies are focusing their energies on creating a strong visual brand. This approach relies on heavy usage of images which would help in rendering increase in traffic as well as higher engagement. Below is an insight on some of the tips and tricks that aid in building a powerful visual brand:

1. Craft compelling images

In comparison to plain text posts, image posts can generate almost a whopping 650% higher engagement. Companies should aim to create compelling and attractive images, and ensure to make use of them as often as possible. From websites to social media networks, one should focus on interacting with its audience through the use of images.

2. Share videos

Statistics reveal, that presently, video content produces more revenue as compared to other means of advertising. It is estimated, that by the year 2018, almost 79% of the web traffic will be consuming such content. This is primarily because videos positively impact the minds of customers and web viewers. Customers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. Further, on social media sites, posts with videos tend to attract three times more inbound links, than the text posts. There are several ways of harnessing the potential of this medium, such as, incorporating videos on websites, use of video adverts & how-to videos, sharing videos on social media sites, and much more.

3. Maintain Consistency

Ranging from website to product labelling, one needs to ensure that every visual content bears a consistent appearance, be it the style, color combination, or the font. This makes the brand more identifiable and relatable to the customers.

4. Take into account as many visual touchpoints as possible

With the visual intelligence on a rise, one needs to present the brand across various visual touchpoints. Since one has only eight seconds to garner a viewer’s attention, one needs to offer a package that would cover effective typography, attractive color schemes, sophisticated style of writing, easily identifiable icons, and much more.

By following these above-mentioned tips, one can surely develop a visual brand that attracts, engages, and inspires its potential and existing customers. For expert advice in this domain, one may hire the services of a public relations firm, which specializes in branding, online marketing, and allied services.