Tips for Ensuring a Successful Interview With the Journalist

Crafting an excellent piece of PR pitch and landing an interview with the journalist, are surely remarkable achievements, but it isn’t time to rejoice yet. Now is the time to prepare for the big game – the interview. One should ensure to make the most of this opportunity for gaining the much desired publicity and brand awareness. Listed below are 5 tips for achieving great results in this aspect:

1. Conduct research on the journalist

Before appearing for the interview, it is important to collect information about the journalist, including his/her forte, style of writing, professional details, and more. One may think about the probable questions that the reporter may ask, and prepare for the answers accordingly, particularly for the tough questions.

2. Gather the requisite materials and information required by the reporter

The journalist may want the company logo, images, references, or any other relevant information. It is prudent to gather the stuff and keep it ready, so that it can be presented right away.

3. Prepare the key messages to be conveyed during the interaction

Prior to the interview, one should list out the prime three messages which one intends to convey to the audiences. Remember to carefully intertwine these messages during the interview, so that the reporter focuses on them while publishing the write-up.

4. Remember to listen more and talk less

Of course, one needs to answer the questions asked by the journalist, but is also important to allow the reporter to lead the discussion. The key is listening more than doing the talking. This ensures a fruitful and beneficial relationship with the media.

5. Winding Up the interview

At the close of the session, it is advisable to ask the journalist if he/she requires anything else, such as, images or any other details. One may also inquire about the probable date when the article would be published or the interview would be aired.

6. Following up with the reporter

Post the interview, if the reporter asks for more details, then one should send them immediately. It is also a good gesture to send an e-mail to the journalist for thanking for his/her time and support.

Once the article appears in a publication, it is advisable to publicize the same through social media sites and other mediums of advertising. Making the most of a coverage opportunity entails forethought, planning, and diligence. By following the above-mentioned tips, one can surely have a successful interview with the reporter, build a great relationship with the media, and garner the attention of the target audiences. For expert advice in this domain, one may hire the services of a reputed public relations agency, which is adept at handling media relations and providing reputation management services.