Better Athletic Foot Ware Needed

Who doesn’t like to come up with new ideas, innovations, and relevant concepts? Everyone has an inventor’s mind if they will turn it on once in a while. I know I do. A few weeks ago, someone mentioned something about hiking across boulders down by the sea shore, where the trail ended and then started again on the other side of those rocks. The comment was that in the winter time the rocks were slippery with ice, and therefore unsafe to cross. But what if you had too?

And what on earth did our ancestors do, they didn’t have a choice, they had to cross certain areas to get to the other side. Meanwhile they didn’t have hiking boots or New Balance tennis shoes to move quickly and effortlessly against the terrain, today we do, or do we I thought? I mean that is a rather difficult challenge; how does one cross icy, or mossy boulders, break water, or large rocks without slipping and breaking a bone or cracking their skull open?

Okay so, here is my thought for today – a shoe sole which allows a human to walk on boulders, or break water with black ice and/or slippery moss. As the individual steps on the rock, any slipping motion would be met with movement from the shoe sole in that direction to counteract it, then that motion would flow around in a circle, with counter rings flowing the other way, leaving the platform (shoe) stable so the human does not move. Now, it would feel kind of funny, but as long as the operator walks slowly it should work, as long as they maintained their normal sense of balance.

Plenty of applications for such a device, a new shoe so to speak, and yet, I’ve never seen one, why not? Why has no one ever invented such a thing, it’s clearly needed, if nothing more than for safety. Using spikes wouldn’t work if the ice was really thin, like black ice. Thicker ice, well you could just use ice climbing boots, but not on the thin stuff, and it wouldn’t work too well on mossy rocks.

Okay so now it is your turn, what sorts of ideas do you come up with – Invention type ideas, philosophical thoughts, new concepts and innovations? Anything interesting, if so, I’d sure like to hear it, so shoot me an email and let’s talk. Anyway, please consider all this and think on it.